If what I offered you was literally just showing up on your wedding day and stalking you with a camera, then I would be

1.Bored 2. Not valuing you or your time 3. Over priced by a lot.

That said, I'm not even just delivering you photos. I am offering to craft you an experience that starts from when we're talking on the phone or grabbing coffee to the day we have a premiere session with your family and friends to look over your wedding day. Oh yeah, I don't just like send an email that says your photos are done and then disappear to Narnia. We celebrate your photos being done together or virtually, with the most important people in your life.

Step 1

You review all of the work on this site, that is my style and that's the kind of photos you get. I'm not the bright and airy photographer with a bubbly personality. If we had to pick a celebrity with a similar sense of humor, It's like having less handsome Ryan Reynolds take your photos all day. You're going to be laughing, a lot. So if you're picking up what I'm putting down, and you like my personality and the work, then you fill out the form on my contact page, so I can talk to you.

Step 2

Let's meet, but in the way you're most comfortable with. If that's a video call, phone call or coffee I'm down. If we connect, you'll feel like you were hanging out with a friend. No weird high pressure stuff like if you were buying a used car from a dealer (did anyone else cringe at that?) If you decide to hire me, then you'll sign on the dotted line, and send a retainer which locks in your wedding date.

Step 3

We get to planning. We will create a timeline together with buffer's in between to cover hair emergencies, your fiance losing his socks for the 13th time that day, or any other shenanigans that sometimes happen. If all goes to plan, you'll have a laid back relaxing fun day.

*I still recommend a day of coordinator, the timeline we create is purely for photo/video purposes.*

Step 4

You have a ton of planning to do, and most likely you haven't done it before. I am always a text away, you can ask me if you have to invite your 5th cousin twice removed and i'll tell you point blank the honest truth. Or if the shirts you can't decide on match. Hint: It's your wedding day, you are not held to any traditions, guests, or things you don't get excited about doing.

Step 5

It's your wedding day. You've got me and my crew with you, always trying to make sure you are having fun and not stressing. I'm going to make jokes with you, celebrate with you, and try my best not to make the whole day feel like a photo shoot for a magazine. At this point you, your fiance, and I have become friends and we're about to have the best day ever (outside of that first time you see Back to the Future, that's a hard day to top.)

Delivery time!

I felt like a pizza guy typing that, but lets continue on. 72 hours after your wedding you will get a few sneak peek images from your wedding day. Then over the next 6-8 weeks I will be editing your photos and video, designing 90 pages for you to choose from in your wedding album and then creating your online gallery. Once editing has completed we will set up a Premier day where youc ome to my office, I come to you or we do it digitally and I show you all the work created from your wedding day. We'll live design your wedding album with you from those designed pages, and then look through everything over wine, or pizza.


We're ready to book, how do we do this?

Awesome, fill out the contact page and we'll get right to it. The retainer is $1250 which locks your date (so I can't book it for anyone else) and is a part of your wedding package (i.e I don't surprise you and add it on.)

Do you have a back up equipment?

Yup, backup camera bodies, flashes, all the fun stuff. You never know when some drunk dude at reception is going to try and slow dance with your light stand destroying the flash in the process. (Thanks Steve!)

I have full liability and equipment insurance to cover all that as well.

How many images will I recieve?

That depends on coverage. A good guestimate is 50-100 photos per hour, but I try very hard to keep wedding galleries under 1000. It's very hard for couples to go through 1000 photos, and I don't like overwhelming people.

Will you use a shot list or pinterest board I create for images?

That's a no on that one, captain. I have before and its more distracting than useful because instead of capturing your real wedding, I'm trying to recreate someone else's. Truth be told you will get more photos you love if you allow my team and I to create from what we see. I will however use a list when we're trying to get family photos so I can make sure I got everyone who needs to be in a photo, in a photo.

Are there discounts if we don't want an engagement session?

I have a collection that doesn't include one, and the value of the engagement session can always be traded for an extra hour of coverage or album upgrade of some sort. I highly recommend an engagement session though, its a great way to get comfortable in front of the camera.

Can other people take photos on our wedding day?

Not other vendors and not not during the ceremony. Any other time I don't mind cell phones or pocket cameras from guests. Its just people have more of a chance to ruin your photos when they shoot during ceremony. Do you want a kiss shot or a photo of someone's behind trying to get the perfect iphone shot for instagram?

Why you over this other photographer?

I don't like to compare, because I don't know how they get your images. I keep things light and easygoing, but don't mistake that for a lack of creativity or passion. I am legitimately bummed when I have a wedding Saturday but not Sunday, I actually whole-heartedly love doing this. I try to use, prompts, games, and natural interactions rather than trying to conform you two into some some of magazine pose I saw once. The difference is in the experience.

Where are you based? Will you travel?

I think anyone with a camera will tell you they will travel, for real. That's like why we get into photography is to see new things. (that's a yes to travel)

I am currently based 45 minutes from downtown Chicago in Valparaiso, Indiana and spend parts of the year in Arizona. HOWEVER, as of October 2020 I will be full time based in Phoenix, Arizona.