"Roy just absolutely nailed it."

"Roy just absolutely nailed it. He's super laid back, easy going and all you need to do is just listen to what he says and literally magical photos take place."

Andrew + Margarita | IL

"Loved having you!"

You're fun and amazing and I couldn't have imagined my day without you. Just from meeting with you in the beginning I knew everything would be perfect. I loved having you, you're amazing!

Julee and Tanner

"These photos are f***ing magic!

"These photos are f***ing magic! You rock! We can't wait to do this again. THESE. ARE. STUNNING."

Ryan + Christine | Florida

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Mike + Tara

“He started by showing up early; from that moment his wheels were turning. He was constantly thinking of the shot, the lighting etc. Yet he was energized and light humored. As the day went on, it was very obvious Roy is highly skilled at what he does and he was not doing half a job. By the time the ceremony came Roy had earned my full faith and trust. Roy puts in 130%. Its obvious he truly loves what he does and is dedicated to making your memories special. He truly made our memories special.”

01 / 09