Full DAY Elopement

Elopements are looked down on by a lot of people, and honestly its because there is a lack of understanding of what an elopement is. Elopements are not because the couple wants to cheap out, hates their family, or usually any other reason you might hear thrown around. Couples choose elopements because its a significantly less stressful, more personal option of getting married. Instead of worrying if uncle Ted will be okay sitting next to his ex-wife Mary during dinner, the couple gets to think about things like "Is it possible to do the ceremony at sunrise, hike to our favorite spot, and end the day with a hot air baloon ride?" These are extremely personal, beautiful ceremonies and memories the newly-weds get to make for themselves by just spending a stress-free day together doing things they love. I do FULL day elopements, you get getting ready photos, first-look, ceremony, and dinner shots. We can do anything you two want to do, including a Hot Air Balloon ride. Seriously, someone do that.

RING SHOT ON the wedding certificate Sedona Elopement
Wedding Dress shot
Bridal portrait for a Sedona elopement
Bridal portrait for a Sedona elopement
First Look for a Sedona elopement
A newly married couple looks off into the distance for a Sedona elopement
Couple framed into the window for a Sedona elopement
Couple looking into each others eyes for a Sedona elopement
Bride Adjusting grooms tie and jacket for a Sedona elopement
Bride Signing her wedding certificate for a Sedona elopement
Couple doing a victory dance after being married in Sedona
Bride and Groom Saying the vows eloping in Sedona
Groom holds the bride up  after eloping in Sedona
bride and groom kissing in Sedona
Goom holding the bride and kissing her in Sedona

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