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Proposing on a rooftop is something you have to plan, in advance.

There is something to be said about thinking ahead and planning. Proposals come in all shapes and sizes, but if you're sitting down right now scrolling on your phone and you know the person right next to you, in the other room or at work is the one you're going to marry... It's okay to spend more time planning out asking. Go the extra mile, because you will never regret being able to look back through the exact moment you got the "YES!!!!" years from now. Point is, Londonhouse Chicago is extremely popular, for obvious reasons. If you want to do something like this, you definitely have to plan in advance.

As a photographer, one of the greatest parts of my job is being able to give back moments of pure emotion that seem to disappear so fast like proposals. It's literally like delivering a memory to people. So when I have the opportunity to not only be at a proposal but actually help plan the proposal, you better believe I pull out all the tips and tricks I can think of to make it more memorable and a little less stressful. I ask about the type of dates you go on, places where you have a connection to, and even stuff like "So what makes her smile?" Because even if I'm trying to use experience from all the other proposals I've been a part of or seen to help take the stress off... It's a moment that deserves to be made of all the things that are unique to you and your partner.

All I'm saying is, it's okay to be overwhelmed and need help planning. It's okay to want to do it just the right way. It's okay to to the time to make it right for the person that matters the most to you.

Carlos reached out to me to help him propose to Steph all the way back in September. We went through a lot of different locations before we landed on LondonHouse Chicago. Originally Carlos wanted to do it on the river, and we narrowly dodged the crowds that ended up being down by the river by switching to the amazing private Cupola down on the river. Carlos and Steph were brought up on the elevators, taking to the site which was decorated for them and even had the family on both sides waiting to congratulate them.

I am beyond blessed to get to do the things I get to be a part of. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Congratulations to the future Martinez, I can't wait to see the wedding

PS: Did I do the plural for Martinez right? Google says yes, I say maybe.

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