These are the best wedding venues in indiana for every wedding style.

Listen, I may be biased but wedding planning should start with three things: a fiance (hard to get married without this), a photographer (hard to bring home memories without one) and a wedding venue. You'll have to decide what kind of venue type is best for you and your fiance, but I wanted to make the selection a little easier for you. These are the best indiana wedding venues I found from a photographer's point of view for each style. Anyone of these from the list and you'll be sure to love the look on your wedding day.

Industrial wedding venues in Indiana

One of the most overlooked style of wedding venues is industrial. As someone who literally wants to build a loft in this style as my home, I am obsessed. Few venue types provide as much personality and uniqueness as renovated factories and industrial-era warehouses. Back in the day, these venues may have been noisy and dusty, but now their oversize windows and brick walls bring a sense of style and a unique ambiance that you would never find in a hotel ballroom.

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Industrial style wedding venues in indiana

Historic or museum style venues in Indiana

Museums of historical artifacts, works of art, and more—and they are amazing wedding venues as well. Museum wedding venues are ideal if you’re looking for a wedding site that’s unique, memorable, and will wow your guests. These venues are often on the larger side, so they're ideal for weddings with higher guest counts. I've included a few mansion wedding venues as well!

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museum wedding venues in indianapolis

Modern wedding venues in Indiana

If white walls, modern fixtures and clean lines are your style then a modern wedding venue is for you. These elegant venues sometimes include rooftops and newly remodeled buildings that make excellent choices for your wedding day needs.

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modern wedding venues in bloomington indiana

Barn wedding venues in Indiana

If thoughts of a laid-back wedding in the countryside fill your heart with joy then a rustic wedding could be the perfect wedding style for you. While Indiana doesn't have a ton of industrial wedding venues, it is absolutely FULL of beautiful barn venues. Sometimes you might even be able to have beautiful animals in the backdrop of your photos.

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Best Barn Wedding venues indianapolis

Outdoor/Garden Wedding Venues in Indiana

Who needs a roof? If your celebrating in one of the more temperate seasons you can let all the natural light in with these venues. Pristine landscaping, beautiful back drops and room for many is the standard here. Winery's public gardens, downtown parks and botanical gardens make for the best outdoor ceremonies.

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Best outdoor Wedding Venues in Indiana