A Beautiful Day at the Horticultural Hall in Lake Geneva

Taylor and Albert feel like long time friends. I love hearing from them, shooting them, they're just such down to earth good people. If I couldn't see they loved each other the first minute I met them, I sure could tell by the time I heard their vows. Those vows were some of the most emotion filled custom vows I have heard in my whole wedding career. The interesting thing about these two is that they booked me sight unseen (read: never met me) from facebook, and chose to do not only photo and video but additionally a wedding video too. They were based out of Arizona, but were having their wedding in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin which is about 2 hours from me. I didn't even see them in person until literally the morning of the wedding when I was hanging out with Taylor and her bridesmaids while they were getting ready! If you have ever wondered: Should we have a wedding video? Please watch their wedding video. That video is exactly why it's important to get a wedding video, they can relive their wedding day at anytime they want. As a bonus we even included their newlywed session, which was done at the absolutely stunning Cathedral Rock in Sedona Arizona.

Lake Geneva Wedding + Sedona Happily Ever After

A wedding film and a newly wed film in one.

Getting Ready

This is always an interesting challenge to shoot. Sometimes we're in really awesome hotel rooms, that are literally cluttered with every piece of luggage, makeup thing, and different types of food you can image. Other times it's a super nice airbnb thats been cleaned up so we can get some good shots. I would recommend telling your hair makeup vendor to try and do your hair/makeup near a window for better pictures. I can always light a room without windows but it is nice to use natural light where possible.


Most of the weddings I work on aren't in churches or even traditional with the officiants, in other words not pastors. This actually presents an interesting challenge especially on weddings where I am the sole shooter because the entire ceremony usually ends up being about 10 minutes. Weddings I have done with pastors as the officiants tend to be about 20-30 minutes, 45 -60 if you're catholic. I like the variety but sometimes a brisk pace pushes a creative mind, plus the guests seem to enjoy faster ceremonies as well. Everyone wants to get to the part where they celebrate with the couple I suppose.

Bridal Party

Sometimes these are the most fun, sometimes the groomsmen are upset they have to be photographed. It all depends on your wedding party, so when they say choose wisely... They mean it! This is usually about 10-30 minutes of the wedding day at the most, but its so appreciated. In most cases the couple has officially gotten married like in the case of Taylor and Albert here, and everyone is in a celebratory mood. The biggest goal for me when shooting this, is to make sure everyone is having a good time and you can see it in the photos.


I love receptions, they are my absolute favorite part of a wedding second only to first looks or couple sessions during the day when I can get the couple away for a few minutes. At reception everyone is happy, theres no more stress, just pure bliss. The dj or band is pumping out jams, I'm a big fan of the classics like We Are Family, Twist and Shout, and September, so I'm jamming out with everyone while im shooting. You have these huge emotional moments like the first dances, cake cutting, etc all sprinkled throughout this massive celebration and its just amazing. Check out how emotional mom got in the mother/son dance! Capturing the little stuff like that is really what makes this job so incredibly rewarding.