Is this a honeymoon session or a full elopement?

Sedona never disappoints, I could go there everyday and be a perfectly happy camper.

Seriously, like even I look at the number of images and get unsure if this was a whole elopement or now. That is the magic of these adventurous honeymoon sessions, just a fun post wedding photoshoot at your honeymoon or another location of your choosing. Taylor and Albert actually did Hawaii for their honeymoon, but decided Sedona would be just as picture perfect! I still can't believe Taylor hiked all the way up Cathedral Rock in Sedona in that dress, she did at least have hiking shoes though. We spent probably about an hour getting to the spot we wanted, mainly because there was a little bit of traffic on the way up. It's a fairly easy trail, though I wouldn't consider this a hike so much as a straight up climb. There's a nice area you walk up to first with what are basically stairs on the way up, and then you get to a point where its more of a vertical climb. Still you can't beat the quiet and emptiness once you get up there, it becomes very surreal and private.

romantic honeymoon adventure session in Sedona Arizona
Couple Kissing at Cathedral Rock
Woman kissing mans forehead during Cathedral Rock couples session
romantic couple watching the Sedona Sunset at Cathedral Rock

This one is actually on display at my office. It's so picture perfect!

Couple holding each other at Cathedral Rcok in Sedona
Couple kissing at Cathedral Rock in Sedona
Couple dancing in Sedona Arizona
Couple dancing at romantic sunset adventure session in Sedona
couple looking out at cathedral rock