Julee + Tanner killed this engagement session, You can totally kill yours too!

Out of context "killing" a session might sound like a negative. It's not. You absolutely want to kill, crush, beat down, or blow up your engagement session. The exception to that is that you do not however want to bomb your engagement session. That one is actually bad, so let's not do that. How did they kill it though? Planning, preparation and willingness to be themselves on camera. A little bit of prep and forethought goes a long way, but being present in the moment brings it home. So let's take a minute and go through how they killed it so you can totally rock yours too! (rock is also a good thing)

Amazing Location

This is usually the first step to an engagement so lets talk about this one first. Julee + Tanner picked a popular location, but avoided crowds by picking an unpopular time. I know these have total sunset vibes, but we took these at 5am! Definitely not everyone's cup of tea (1000% not mine) but making the sacrifice to do the shoot earlier in the day allowed for a basically empty beach so they could be themselves without worrying about being seen and her adorable German shepherds didn't play with every person within 15 feet. Asking your photographer (hopefully me)for locations and time suggestions is key, we are always looking!

The right outfit...

Okay so not everyone is a fashionista like Julee, I get it it's tough. Everyone can however put a little thought and effort into thier outfit so that they don't feel uncomfortable on camera OR worse yet blend directly into the background. You want an outfit that will pop from the background, but also something you feel totally confident in. Dress for the weather ( no mini skirts or shorts in the extreme cold) nothing super skin tight so you can move around and for real laugh if you want to, and dressy to the level you want to be dressed to. The moreconfident your outfit makes you the less likely you'll feel totally awkward getting your picture.

Be in the moment!

I explain this all the time, but you need to be comfortable being yourselves. Don't worry about the camera, just have a good time with your partner. The first thing I tell people even after posing them is to get comfortable, which means don't hold your breath, or become a statue for a pose. Connection with the person you love is what I'm trying to capture and most of the time my absolute favorite pictures are from a pose failing like the one below where Julee is full on laughing and Tanner's like "What are you doing?" Full story: Julee was trying to do a piggy back ride and basically clothes lined him. Whoops... Made for a great picture though!

Couple laughing during engagement session at Indiana Dunes

I just call this the notebook pose. What do you call it?

Couple takes family photo with german shepherds

If you bring your german shepherds to the shoot, I'm 100% going to play with the dogs for a few minutes.

Couple kissing at indiana dunes
Couple looking into each others eyes during engagement session at Indiana Dunes
Silhouette of a couple kissing at Lake Michigan
Couple kissing on the beach at Lake Michigan

Okay this is a different shoot with them, but I love this photo and can't help myself sharing it.

Couple Kissing during Indiana Dunes Engagement Session

"Kiss but grab his forearms." I swear, my job is basically telling people to make out.

Woman wrapped around her fiance in field at Kemil Beach
Woman kissing fiance at Lake Michigan
Couple running on the beach during Indiana Dunes Engagement Session