Meet Ben + Chelsie

They're an awesome couple from Indianapolis who came all the way to Chicago to shoot their engagement session. They were together for three years before getting engaged and will be having an awesome wedding in 2020. After talking with Chelsie about the engagement photoshoot we decided it would be more fun to do the photos in Chicago with the wedding in Indianapolis. I think she maybe just wanted a nice weekend trip away with Ben, but who can blame her? Everyone involved in this shoot had fun!

Chicago Engagement Location 1

Millenium Park

Ben + Chelsie were coming up from Indianapolis to shoot in Chicago, so I chose Millenium Park in case they wanted to capture the Bean first. We had to start early though, because crowds start showing up and then it gets messy. Neither Chelsie or Ben were interested in the bean though, they were all about the gardens for their engagement session.

The rare look at the camera shot Millenium Park engagement photography
A couple kissing in Millenium Park engagement photography
Millenium Park engagement photography
Chicago Engagement Location 2

Lincoln Park

From the first location and talking with the couple more, I found that they really weren't looking for typical Chicago backgrounds. instead they wanted lots of gardens, and a focus on them interacting with each other. So I chose to head over to Lincoln Park which I feel like has better gardens and greenery (in addition to the views). We walked through the gardens, went to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and just let Ben + Chelsie be themselves in front of the camera. Authenticity over everything!

Lincoln Park Zoo Engagement Photography
hand holding Lincoln Park Engagement Photography
Lincoln Park Engagement Photography in the garden
Chicago Engagement Location 3

Lincoln Park Conservatory

The third location has to be my personal favorite since I've been wanting to shoot here since I saw it on pinterest. The Lincoln Park Conservatory is free to the public, but does require a permit for photographers. (That should be read as, "they take advantage of photographers since tourists can take all the photos they want for free.") For this section of the engagement shoot we decided to have a little more fun with dip shots, piggy back rides and just getting really confortable in the engagement shoot.

Lincoln Park Conservatory engagement photography
Couple kissing at Lincoln Park Conservatory engagement photography
A classic dip shot during Lincoln Park Conservatory engagement photography
Notebook shot Lincoln Park Conservatory engagement photography
Man telling his fiance a secret during Lincoln Park Conservatory engagement photography
Couple kissing during Lincoln Park Conservatory engagement photography