Nice to meet you!

I'm Roy, and here's a little about me:

3 years ago, I was a designer about to be a wedding photographer.

I had just finished spending over 80 hours in a cubicle designing for a board with no attachment to what I had built. I had taken time designing, photographing, and working with copy writers to make the most perfect website for them. You know what happened? Nothing, they approved the project and assigned something else.

Super fulfilling right? NOPE.

The next weekend, I had a wedding. I was doing weddings on the side at the time but this one was special. I connected with this couple, we were close and I'd spent the time to really get to know them. I spent the day making them laugh, not worrying about poses, just capturing the real them and the day.

When they got those wedding photos? TEARS. *of joy, thankfully.*

The conversation we had when we were reviewing those photos is what caused me to quit my fancy design job. She told me she had no idea her now husband looked at her like that when she wasn't looking. I caught more than just instagram poses, I caught memories between them and their family. I became a part of their wedding party without feeling like an add-on and allowed them to relive moments from that day forever. It wasn't just a bunch of photos, these were bonafide memories brought back to them without taking away from the experience of their wedding day.

<-- That's me.


am an avid traveler, photographer and dog dad (his name is Canon, like the camera) who loves The Beatles, long road trips, and love making people laugh. I have a passion for working with couples that love to travel, explore, and be in the moment. I absolutely love weddings, elopements, and creating sessions using real dates.


Fun & Relaxed · Travelers · A little untraditional · Obsessed with exploring · Spontaneous · Will brave the weather for photos · Not afraid to get a little dirty · Chasers of the sun


Oregon | Washington | California | Florida | Utah | Canada | Germany | Ireland | Italy | Mexico | St Lucia | I'm always open to suggestions!

My favorite travel photos i've taken


Alexa + Chris

“Roy did our engagement pictures and I am beyond in love with them!! He was very professional and creative. My fiancé had never done a photo shoot before and Roy made him feel completely comfortable. I would totally recommend him to anyone newly engaged and planning a wedding!!”

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