Real moments for laid back couples, looking for an adventure.

My couples want something different - fresh - not your same old basic hometown wedding.

So I say, lets have an adventure.

My photography style is different - I focus on active, authentic interaction that allows you to be yourself like the camera isn't there.

So you do you. Let's take that risk, go chase that sunset.

I'll be there to document every laugh, every smile, and all the moments you want to relive over and over.

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Over 5 years as an Indiana Wedding Photographer

Born and raised in Indiana, I have had a lot of time to learn the landscape. Indiana can be just as vibrant and as beautiful as some of the locations I've traveled around the world to. I have had the incredible opportunity to work in venues in Indianapolis all the way to northwest Indiana at some point in time for another. If you are looking for the traditonal indiana barn wedding at Countyline Orchard in Hobart or maybe something more modern like the Indiana State Museum right on the canal in indianapolis, as a wedding photographer I can guide you to make sure you have the best possible outfit.

How about we travel outside of indiana?

Destination Elopements

My commitment to you is this: When I am your photographer, you won't have to worry about your photography. It doesn't matter where you want to go, we will capture the excitement and emotion of your day. Your entire elopement day will be custom designed to you as a couple, and you'll come home with memories and stories to share. I will give you piece of mind knowing that all you have to do is be you.

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